Every Little Helps

Went to Tescos in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday for breakfast, and arrived at the cafe at 7:30am to see no-one in the queue and dishes full of sausages, bacon, fried bread etc all ready to serve. We were then told that they didn’t open until 8:00am. Now, the food was all prepared, I don’t know how long it had been sitting there, on a hot surface. In order to keep it hot, they have some pathetic pigmy lamps above the food, presumably so it doesn’t get too hot.

We obediently arrived in the queue 25 minutes later and were still kept waiting until the stroke of 8:00 and were served what I’d describe as a tepid breakfast. Everything had managed to reach the equilibrium of room temperature, presumably so as to not burn us. The lady asked if we’d like a fried egg or toast becasue they cook those to order. Fantastic I thought, at least something would be hot. She duly placed 2 slices of bread onto a tray and they slowly decended into a machine and disappeaed from sight, only to emerge a few minutes later completely black! They were then placed on the plate so they could quickly cool off as well before you managed to get any butter on them. The temperature of the plate didn’t help. The plates were also placed on this hotplate, but because there were about 50 plates between the hotplate and my plate it was unlikely that much heat would actually make it through to the top.


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