The power of insanity

Alan Johnston bannerIts St Georges day today. I notice Google hasn’t bothered to mention it again this year. Unlike St Patrick’s day of course. I’m afraid I hardly noticed. More seriously, its now exactly 6 weeks since Alan Johnston was forced at gunpoint into a car in Gaza. He is the BBC’s Gaza correspondent, the only western journalist to be permanently based in Gaza in Palestine. He has been reporting about the suffering of the Palestinians for 3 years now and was due to finish his stint at the end of March.

I wonder about the intelligence of the people who abducted him. Here was a man who was keeping the situation that the Palestinians were in, permanently in the public eye. And what to these intellectually challenged people do? – they remove him so he can no longer report on the situation. Very bright. They also alienate those who are sympathetic to their cause. – Like me.

There was a report a few days ago that the Palestinian Security people now know where he is being held and who’s holding him. If this is true its about time they did something about it. They also say Alan Johnston is still alive. Everybody certainly hopes so. What a mess the world is in.

St George died as a Christian martyr, I hope Alan Johnston doesn’t die holding the flame of truth and free speech in such a troubled part of the world.

Update Alan Johnston was released in the Gaza Strip after 114 days in captivity. See the BBC News item


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