Aren’t solicitors wonderful

I’m in the process of buying and selling a house and can’t wait to tell you how wonderful solicitors are. My own solicitor is not only handling the selling of my own house but also handling the purchase of my new house – all at the same time. Now, he was instructed with these two transactions in only March this year and after only 9 weeks he called us into the office to sign the documentation, as he said, “because we are ready to move”. Very exciting this was.

Now, poor lamb hadn’t actually had the time to read much of the stuff, so when we arrived he needed to read each document before telling us the answers to our questions. But never mind. The trouble is despite the fact that I told him at the begining of April that there was a problem with the boundaries, he hadn’t noticed until we saw him that he was only dealing with half the property. However, and this was the fantastic bit, he had noticed that we didn’t own the access to the house and therefore coudn’t get in the door. What would we do without him. I’m so glad he told us because I’d really quite forgotton that this was exactly the problem I tried to explain to him in early April, unfortunately he wouldn’t listen because he said it would be all sorted out when the ‘deeds’ came in.

As he’s such a brilliant chap, he’d got straight on to the sellers solicitor and queried this, hadn’t he, well er no actually he hadn’t. Still he’s been very busy, his office was absolutely covered in files and folders; he must find it really difficult to find anything.

No matter I rang him the next day to check things were progressing and he told me that the sellers solicitor had that very day written to tell him about the second Land registry document that they had forgotton to send him. Unfortunately both of them had forgotton again about the little strip of land that allows you to get to the front door but it was OK because I’d found that for hime so he didn’t need to worry. I’d found it by going to the land registry website and putting in the postcode – bit tricky really.

I wonder when we are going to exchange contracts

I can’t wait to tell you how wonderful solicitors are.


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