Education in the UK

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m really sad about the NHS. But I’m really angry about the way successive labour governments have completely screwed up the education system in this country. And intervening Tory governments have done nothing to repair the damage. Just like the NHS they continue to out do one another in see who can mess it up the most.

Having screwed it up for everybody else, its now not good enough for Tony Blairs children, so he sends his own children to a selective fee paying independant school. What staggering hypocracy. It says in the introduction to ‘The Oratory School’ on their website;

Boys enter the school either at the age of 13 through the Scholarship
or Common Entrance Examinations, or at 11 by a brief, informal
interview and examination, or by direct entry into the Sixth Form
depending on GCSE results.

And now he is ramming a new Education Bill down our throats that makes it illegal for state schools to have any form of selection. Yet paradoxically, by doing this, the Labour government is actually forcing the ‘Good’ schools to only have wealthy parents children, and poor parents children will only be able to go to the duff schools.

The reason for this is that the children are now only chosen by their proximity to the school. Therefore house prices in catchment areas of good schools are much higher than similar houses near failing schools. At least if the allowed academic selection it would allow children from poorer families attend the so-called ‘good’ schools.

They really can’t see beyond the next election can they, or maybe their party political prejudices blind them to the reality of what they are doing.


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