Who needs a colon anyway!

August 2nd 2006 is the day I had my colon removed. As you know from previous posts, up until now I’ve been rather ill with Ulcerative Colitis. Well finally the medical profession have given me up as a bad job and passed me over to the surgical team to remove my colon. They have not just removed my colon, they have also built a ‘pouch’ out of the end of my small intestine, which will replace my rectum. This also had to be removed as part of my colon.

The reason they can’t just remove the diseased part is that the good bit of my colon will also get Ulcerative Colitis if they leave it there. The operation is called a restorative procto colectomy – which means that I will have a illeostomy bag for a few months while the ‘pouch’ bit heals  and then they will put it all back together again hopefully.

OK what did I think of it all then? Well the operation took about five and a half hours and afterwards I felt terrible. I felt so sick for about 3 days afterwards. I also could hardly move. Now I thought that once you had the operation, after a few days you are up and about. What a shock I had. Not only do they remove half your digestive system, but they also render you completely immobile. Initially you can’t even roll over in bed let alone get up and walk. Finally after a week or so you can stagger to the loo, and as soon as that happens they say “Right, Mr Sheppard, you can go home now”.

I have to say, the care I received from the staff at the John Radcliffe was fantastic. The nurses were absolutely brilliant and so were the doctors, I feel very privileged to have some of the top people in their fields looking after me. (Tell me, what is the point of going private?) As an observer, all I can see is the medical staff trying to get on with their job while the Government does its utmost to interfere and  make their lives as difficult as possible, while bleating on about how much money they are costing.

Well all I can say is thank you very much NHS, I feel really cared for and looked after. That sounds a bit sarcastic. Its not meant to be. I really do feel very cared for by the NHS