Getting a prescription from your GP (Part 2)

Well, my experience with prescriptions has reached new heights of ridicule this month. A few days ago at the end of June, we moved from Oxford to Derbyshire, in fact we actually now live in the Peak District. Due to my massive drugs requirement from the NHS I need frequent top ups with drugs, hence an inevitable visit to the doctors.
Having got over initially being treated as an asylum seeker as I had little documentation and “we’ll have to wait for your notes” etc etc, the doctor finally agreed to give me some more drugs. I actually only needed 4 folic acid tablets to last me 1 month. Now this is the kind of drug the NHS likes to prescribe because we patients get stung for £6.65 and it will cost about 20p for a 20 tablet packet.
However, not content with this amazing profit, the doctor actually prescribed 4 tablets, so the pharmacist had to cut out 4 tablets from the strip. Thus rendering the rest of the strip of tablets probably unusable. This must have saved the NHS 16p I only needed 4 tablets because I was due to have an operation in 1 month. I know the NHS never cancel operations these days but you can never tell.