The NHS tragedy

I feel really sad and upset about the state of the NHS. As a ‘user’ of the service for the last 50 odd years I have watched as the health service has deteriorated over that period. Successive governments and professional bodies have joined forces to create a synergetic partnership of incompetence. Each body seems to stuggle to outdo their predecessor in screwing things up. Anyone who works ‘on the front line’ must be very demoralised and disheartened to see the authorities putting bigger obstacles in the way of them getting on with your work.

I’ve just spent nearly 2 weeks in hospital at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. The standard of care from the staff has been absolutely fantastic. The doctors have been trying everything to sort out my disease and the nurses and other staff have worked hard to make my stay as comfortable as possible. And now we hear on the news that the Oxfordshire NHS has overspent by £15 million this year. What do they mean ‘overspent’. Basically I assume some bean counter who knows nothing about anything (probably a politician then) has decreed that Oxfordshire NHS receives £Xmillion for this financial year. They spent £15 million more than this. What does that mean; the bean counter guessed wrong? Oh no, patients are to be denied care so that the bean counter and its political masters don’t look stupid, because obviously that’s most important. Other things that are more important are spending billions on messing things up in Iraq so that we are keeping that jerk in the White House happy.

Listen UK Government, we don’t want choice for where we go to hospital, and we don’t want you to waste our money in Iraq. What we want is for the local hospital were we live to provide us with the medicines and care to make us well. We don’t care whether you think they have spent more than you think they ought to have done. They obviously didn’t spend it on big nights out and lavish dinners for international guests like you did at the G8 summit in the summer, they spent it on keeping the NHS going. Are you listening Mr Blair. Or is this a master plan to deny Gordon the chance to play at being PM.