Christianity and the BBC

There seems to be a popular trend in the UK at the moment amongst the ‘politically correct’ to out do one another to squeeze Christianity out of society. It is all dressed up as ‘so as not to offend Muslims’ but in reality it is a determined attempt to remove any vestage of Christianity from our lives. And this is despite the fact that our culture whether it is the law, health service, political parties, education system or whatever, is based on Christian values and heritage. Not remove it overnight but bit by bit. Mr David Flavell, of Northumberland wrote to the Independent recently and I hope he doesn’t mind if I reproduce his letter here:

“I am not surprised that the atheist Richard Newson is happy to let Songs of Praise remain on the schedules. It is made to be completely anodyne. My guess is that he would be upset by a real Christian programme telling him that he is a sinner who needs to be saved, but he is never goingto see that because the BBC keeps to its restrictive religious guidelines.
Either we have complete freedom of speech where there is Jerry Springer – The Opera on BBC1 and a preacher calling the nation to repentance on BBC2, or we have a level playing field where Christians are not allowed to proselytise and athiests are not allowed to denigrate Jesus.
What is totally unacceptable is that the BBC gags Christians from saying what they really believe, whilst giving atheists free rein to peddle whatever filth they like. The BBC is not just blasphemous, it is hopelessly biased against Christianity.”