I’m a bit embarrassed by the moaning I’ve been doing in previous entries. Our life in the UK is fantastic compared to the life so many people have to lead in the rest of the world. From the end of November and the first few days of December, I’ve been reading an Iraq blog which has been organised by the BBC and gives the most amazing insight into what is really happening in Iraq.

This is no edited summary, but the news as seen by several Iraq citizens, an American officer in the coalition forces and a British contract worker. The frustrations, and fears we experienceare not in the same league as these brave people.

Unfortunately, The blog was only running for 10 days, it was supposed to take a snapshot of life at the begining of December. They will run it again later in January. I wish they had just left it alone. It was essential reading each day for me. It changed just about all my preconceptions about the US military and the iraq people themselves.